Brocher Meetups

Scientific cafés around the globe

What’s a Brocher Meetup

Brocher Meetups

Explore ethical, legal and social issues relating to new medical developments and health through talks and debates.

They are organized by

Brocher Alumni from their home institution or town with support from the Brocher Foundation.

Who are they for?

With wide-reaching appeal, they bring together academia, the private and public sector, civil society, international organizations and NGOs.

What format?

These are online conference-debates with optional local attendance.

What’s in there for you

Expand your network

Get in touch with the Brocher Alumni network – university, research funds, colleagues, contacts and philanthropists – to increase your audience and support, both locally and globally.

Broaden your research

Get to know new Alumni and work with them to widen the scope of your research.

Highlight your expertise

Generate more interest, debate and interactions around your areas of research.

A great idea for a topic?
Start organizing your Brocher MeetUp today.

The Brocher Foundation provides support for every event:

A step-by-step guide and personalized guidance

The opportunity to highlight your expertise

An ideal context for opening discussions between your peers and a much wider audience

As a Brocher Meetup Organizer, you are expected to:

Choose the title of your project and speakers

Submit an application

Find additional partners and sponsors, if needed

Share any video content produced