a Brocher Meetup in your Community

Before you start

Who are they for?

Brocher Meetups explore ethical, legal and social issues relating to new medical developments and health through talks and debates.

Who can organize Brocher Meetups?

Brocher Meetups can be organized only by Brocher Alumni – scientists and experts in the ethical, legal and social implications of the development of medical research and biotechnologies supported by Brocher Foundation.

How we support you

A smart guide​

is available to support you step by step once your application is validated​

Step 1


Step 2

Budget and partners

Step 3

Dedicated web page

Step 4

Communication & visibility

Step 5

Post-event promotion and media impact

How Brocher Foundation supports you

These events bring together different public and private communities including:

Organizer responsibilities

You are expected to:

Validation process

Brocher Foundation Scientific Committee approval

Post event opportunities/incentives

Publish an article after the event

How to select your theme

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