Brocher Meetups

Why participate in Brocher Meetups?

It is a great opportunity to extend the experience of your research stay at the Brocher Foundation by continuing to exchange with other Alumni in a free and supporting framework.

By participating in Brocher Meetups, you will have the advantage of reviving bioethical debates initiated during dinners in the Villa Brocher and create new productive mind sharing.

It is an opportunity to maintain and develop new contacts within the Brocher Alumni Club.

The reflection on ELSI in medical and health development deserves your expertise. Join the experience!

Our Mission

Brocher Meetups are an initiative launched by the Brocher Foundation in 2020.


Taking place across the globe, these scientific cafés connect some of the world’s best experts in the field of new medical developments and health.


The aim? Organize cutting-edge debates that are also accessible to civil society and public-private sector communities

Brocher Meetups in a nutshell

What exactly are they?

The meetups begin with 2 short talks that prepare the ground for a debate relating to ELSI in new medical developments and health.

Who takes part?

To begin, the alumnus organizer debates with another alumnus, colleague or expert on the chosen topic.


Another alumnus then comments and/or asks targeted questions for 30 minutes.


To finish, members of the Brocher Alumni Club have an additional 30 minutes to ask further questions.

What is the format?

These are online events with optional local attendance. They are held in the organizer’s home institution, town or country, and accessible via the dedicated event page.

Who are they for?

These events bring together different public and private communities including:

Examples of Topics